Art around the world

img_3152Samlingsutställning med Galleri Tavernarts konstnärer på Ethos i Hong Kong. Kul, på samma ställe som jag hade min soloshow.

Groupexhibition with Gallery Tavernarts artists from around the world. Ethos HK.


Affordable arts Singapore

Deltar med 3 torrnålsgravyrer på Singapore Affordable arts fair… kul!

Participating at Affordable arts in Singapore, 3 drypointprints. Fun!


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Made for Hong Kong

One out of two new acrylicpaintings made for My upcoming Hong Kong exhibition this spring . Opening 15 th april.

Linocuts and paintings.

Work in progress.


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Made for Hong Kong

Work in progress. Large paintings for My exhibition in HK this spring. 


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